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A suite of comprehensive corporate solutions through advisory in four key areas for sustainable solutions. These four areas are tailored for new start-ups and well-established companies with a long history and track record. Together with us, these services will complement your existing policies and bring you exceptional business growth.

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Risk Management

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Corporate Finance


Brand communication plays a significant role in today’s digital context. With consumers facing tons of information from advertisers every day, it can be challenging to get your Brand noticed. Additionally, the saturated marketplace is flooded with new Brands and endless messages on a daily basis.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
How do you stand out from the crowd?

It is ever more crucial for Brands to effectively reach out to their target audiences through a thorough market study, and communicating your Brand’s vision, mission, and values with your unique Brand voice and tone. These approaches are executed through the display of right messages, typography, colours, images, and many more, with consistency.

How can you ensure greater success in future marketing campaigns?

A well-defined Brand guideline helps direct future marketing campaigns; ensuring your target audience is engaged with the right messages with consistency, and hence no confusion.

With a clear Brand strategy and appropriate channels of executions, your target audience will develop a greater brand recall of your products and services – all contributing towards your goal of business sustainability.

Times when branding is proven useful for your business

Re-defining your target audience

Launching new products and services

Stagnated revenue for past years

Re-aligning with current consumer behaviour trends

Updating of corporate image

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with Branding

SME Brand Assessment Checklist

Download our SME Brand Assessment checklist to gauge if your Brand is in need of a rebranding exercise.

Remember, your Brand is the foundation for all communications to both internal & external stakeholders. It starts in the beginning, not in the middle of launching new products, and definitely not after messages have been released to the world.

Digital Execution

In order for businesses to stay current and to engage with their consumers – digitalisation is no longer an option but a necessity.

Our creative & digital agency, Etereo, provides holistic services to position you right in front of your target audience – placing your Brand on the digital stage.


In this interconnected world where information flows seamlessly, and goods and services taking place in every part of the world perpetually on a daily basis, it is increasingly necessary for a business owner to be part of this global phenomenon.

Globalisation offers limitless opportunities for your Brand to showcase products and services to every corner of the world. Every business owner needs to treat the globalised market as the playground of the future.

Taking your homegrown Brand to the global platform can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, especially for SMEs. However, this challenging yet rewarding process can be made manageable with proven methodologies.


Research Studies (Market / Consumer)

Consumer Insights

Marketing Collaterals

Creating Brand Awareness (through digital platforms)

Get Started

With Globalisation

4 Key Questions Before You Embark On Globalisation:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you know?
  • What can you do?
  • What can your product or service replace?

Risk Management

You may have heard the saying “Risk management is just good management.”, but do not take the statement for granted. Done right, risk management adds value to almost every facet of your business. Being a highly strategic tool, risk management can also produce quick wins and save costs.

Risk is uncertain, and to a business, it raises a lot of questions and answers to maintain a level of certainty. When these problems arise, many businesses close their doors and shut down because the losses are too much to cover.

A proper risk management with the right tools in place will help to ensure the viability of a business.


General Insurance

Buy-Sell Agreement

Corporate Finance

Regardless which milestone your business is in, a growing entity will always look to financing for the expansion of business operations, and to further gain market share in their respective trade. It is important for business owners to know and understand the different avenues for them to pursue such opportunities when presented.

Most SME owners do not take a long-term approach when confronted with immediate cash flow issues. Ease of access to funds will be the utmost priority in most situations.

Here, we advise on the various financing options available in the market that best suit your business operations. The pros and cons between debt and equity financing; the long-term impact on your business structure; and growth viability for each financing option are some considerable factors business owners need to be empowered with.


Working Capital Management

Capital Budgeting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

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